Baltimore’s Monument Square

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Battle Monument, c. 1930

Battle Monument, c. 1930

Baltimore’s Monument Square was a popular nineteenth century gathering place. With Guy’s Monument Hotel, The Gilmor House, and Barnum’s Hotel all nearby, travelers could witness political rallies, hear stump speeches and watch torch-lit parades from the comfort of their rooms. Frederick Douglass spoke here during the celebration of the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment in 1870. This circa 1930 view of the Battle Monument features the Baltimore Courthouse, opened in 1900, to the left. A notable twentieth century fixture at the base of the monument is Abe Sherman’s newsstand. The beloved, irascible Sherman, from 1919 to 1971, ran his very successful business here under the philosophy that “you either wanted to buy a newspaper or you needed to go to the Enoch Pratt [Library] or go home.”

Artist note: Gabrielle de V. Clements, artist and etcher, produced this print.

Digital image from the Maryland State Archives, MSA SC 5980-1-39.


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